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Image courtesy of: Erbil & Michalopoulos, 2013.

Private View: Wednesday 25th September 2013, 6-10 p.m
Exhibition dates: 25th September – 20th October 2013 or by appointment.
First Thursdays late opening: 3rd October, 6-9 p.m
Event: Artist talk: Saturday 5th October at 1 pm.  Free event, no booking required.
Gallery opening hours: Thursday – Sunday 12-6 p.m
Part of Art Licks Weekend: LINK
Art Licks Weekend opening hours:
Thursday 3rd October, 2013, 6-9 pm & Friday 4th to Sunday 6th October, 11 am-6 pm
‘Beyond Duality’ is a two-person show of the work of artists Ismail Erbil and Patrick Michalopoulos at Schwartz Gallery, the artist-curators and founders of the space. Delving intofacets of their collaborative as well as their individual practices the artists will focus on the creation of an expansive site-specific installation intertwining their respective approaches encompassing object and image-making, costume and performance art and video and installation. Overlapping categories of making and testing the boundaries of authorship in the context of collaboration BEYOND DUALITY advances ideas of shared communication and ownership to question idealised notions of objects, spaces and their perceived boundaries.
Taking the form of site specific installations Ismail Erbil’s new works for Beyond Duality investigate cycles of actions though a layering of objects and performative narratives that draw the viewer into environments or zones of experience. Working with reflective, transparent and opaque materials Erbil wraps, veils and conceals objects and surfaces to reconfigure representational devices. Sculptural objects and collages shift and transform evolving along a spectrum of light, a central theme of these works. Concealing the identity of objects in alternating shrouds of light and darkness the artist considers the nature of materiality and amplifies and distorts the experience of objects as vehicles of communication.
Patrick Michalopoulos presents a series of new works for ‘Beyond Duality’ that inhabit a space somewhere between object, photography, collage and performance. Alternating modes of representation leave the viewer to decide where images and objects begin and end questioning the apparatus of representation. Inverting hierarchies and functions of materials reflects the artist’s interest in the articulation of architectural spaces that carry with them psychological structures of human interaction. These scaled-down structures operate on a level akin to that of architectural models yet fall outside their strict parameters alluding to spaces of disembodiment, dislocation and intercepted communications.
For enquiries contact: info@schwartzgallery.co.uk
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John McGrath (UK)
Alison Goodyear (UK)
Alun Rhys Jones (UK)
Anna Kolosova (UK)
Boaz Sides Aka Untay (ISR)
Caroline Derveaux-Berté (UK)
César Piette (FRA)
Chantal Gillingham (UK)
Cheryl Papasian (UK)
Daniel Bourke (UK)
Ed Simpson (UK)
Emily Motto (UK)
Evguenia Jokhova (UK)
Ewa Obrochta (POL)
Fausto Sanmartino (UK)
Fernando León-Guiu (MEX)
Hannah Weatherhead (UK)
Hyojin Kim (UK)
Ingrid Ung (GER)
Ismail Erbil (UK)
Jack Sutherland (UK)
Jaeyeon Yoo (UK)
James Gilna (IRE)
James Petrucci (UK)
Jayoung Lee (SKOR)
Jennii Booth (UK)
Jorge Mansilla (AUS)
Julia Keenan (UK)
Katherine Lubar (UK)
Keh Hui Ng (UK)
Kimvi Nguyen (UK)
Kirsty McKenzie (UK)
Kristina Butigan (UK)
Laura Fowle (UK)
Laura Green (UK)
Liz Barile-Page (UK)
Marc Heaton (UK)
Mark Lungley (UK)
Mark Siebert (UK)
Marta Corada (UK)
Matt Gee (UK)
Matthew Sutton (UK)
Mike Fell (UK)
Nicolas Vionnet (SWI)
Nicole Weisz (UK)
Noel Hensey (IRE)
Paco de Quesada (UK)
Patrick Michalopoulos (UK)
Paul Smith (UK)
Raquel Garin (UK)
Rashell George (USA)
Robert Hitzeman (UK)
Robert Walker (UK)
Rupert Hartley (UK)
Russell Miller (UK)
Sarah Kenikie Palmer (UK)
Soledad Bustos (UK)
Steve Pettengell (UK)
Steven Harris (UK)
Tony Rickaby (UK)
Tyler Mallison (UK)
Wilfrid Wood (UK)

Conceptual Pop. Conceptual Living. Pop Living invites artists to submit work that builds on ideas of ‘pop’ thinking in art and culture; the re/production of culture and living mediated through technology and advertising is captured in a constant techno-documentation of society and the self. The hyper-real and contemporary constructions of living come together in a celebrity-fuelled world of sleek design and fictional future-spaces.  Pop Living invites artists working with wall based work to respond to concepts of contemporary living, hyper-reality and transmitted spaces.

Private View: Wednesday 11th February 2015,  6 – 8.30 p.m

Exhibition dates: 11/02/15 – 28/02/2015

Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday 1 – 6 p.m or by appointment


Schwartz Gallery, Schwartz Wharf: 92 White Post Lane,

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