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Image courtesy of: Erbil & Michalopoulos, 2013.

Private View: Wednesday 25th September 2013, 6-10 p.m
Exhibition dates: 25th September – 20th October 2013 or by appointment.
First Thursdays late opening: 3rd October, 6-9 p.m
Event: Artist talk: Saturday 5th October at 1 pm.  Free event, no booking required.
Gallery opening hours: Thursday – Sunday 12-6 p.m
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Art Licks Weekend opening hours:
Thursday 3rd October, 2013, 6-9 pm & Friday 4th to Sunday 6th October, 11 am-6 pm
‘Beyond Duality’ is a two-person show of the work of artists Ismail Erbil and Patrick Michalopoulos at Schwartz Gallery, the artist-curators and founders of the space. Delving intofacets of their collaborative as well as their individual practices the artists will focus on the creation of an expansive site-specific installation intertwining their respective approaches encompassing object and image-making, costume and performance art and video and installation. Overlapping categories of making and testing the boundaries of authorship in the context of collaboration BEYOND DUALITY advances ideas of shared communication and ownership to question idealised notions of objects, spaces and their perceived boundaries.
Taking the form of site specific installations Ismail Erbil’s new works for Beyond Duality investigate cycles of actions though a layering of objects and performative narratives that draw the viewer into environments or zones of experience. Working with reflective, transparent and opaque materials Erbil wraps, veils and conceals objects and surfaces to reconfigure representational devices. Sculptural objects and collages shift and transform evolving along a spectrum of light, a central theme of these works. Concealing the identity of objects in alternating shrouds of light and darkness the artist considers the nature of materiality and amplifies and distorts the experience of objects as vehicles of communication.
Patrick Michalopoulos presents a series of new works for ‘Beyond Duality’ that inhabit a space somewhere between object, photography, collage and performance. Alternating modes of representation leave the viewer to decide where images and objects begin and end questioning the apparatus of representation. Inverting hierarchies and functions of materials reflects the artist’s interest in the articulation of architectural spaces that carry with them psychological structures of human interaction. These scaled-down structures operate on a level akin to that of architectural models yet fall outside their strict parameters alluding to spaces of disembodiment, dislocation and intercepted communications.
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The Sailor – installation view. left: Patrick Michalopoulos, right: Ismail Erbil. Image courtesy of the artists.

The Sailor – installation view. Image courtesy of the artists.

The Sailor – Patrick Michalopoulos, ‘Jason’, 2015, acrylic, emulsion and blackboard paint on board. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Sailor – installation view. Image courtesy of the artists.

The Sailor – Ismail Erbil, New Work in Space, 2015, fabric. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Sailor

Ismail Erbil and Patrick Michalopoulos

Private view: Thursday 1st October 2015 6 – 9 p.m


Exhibition dates 01.10.15 – 14.11.15 (show extended)

Artists’ talk: Saturday 3rd October, 2 p.m (booking not required)

Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday 1- 6 p.m or by appointment

Art Licks Weekend: 2nd – 4th October, daily 12 – 6 p.m

Art Licks Weekend preview: Thursday 1st October, 6 – 9 p.m



The Sailor is the second two-person show of artists Ismail Erbil and Patrick Michalopoulos. As artist-curators of Schwartz Gallery Ismail and Patrick continue to build on a dialogue between creating opportunities for emerging artists, developing their curatorial vision and as artists in their own right.  Showcasing their individual practices the idea of ‘The Sailor’ is used to represent the exhibition space as a vehicle for thinking and travelling in a conceptual as well as aesthetic sense. Ismail presents a series of fabric sculptures investigating minimalist visions and the performativity of objects while Patrick presents a new series of paintings that investigate the boundary between the figurative and the abstract.


Patrick Michalopoulos’ practice explores the intersection of personal emotive spaces and modes of seeing. Through the language of paint the works created connect to ideas of representation in the pictorial realm. For ‘The Sailor’ Patrick has produced a series of new works that are created from fragments of memory layered and reworked as images. Each titled after a fictional male character the works hint at the interplay between fantasy and reality and how images as well as memory are constructed and represented. Working in black and white and also using a painterly grey-scale format the mark-making employed in each work ranges from automatic and gestural brushwork to more precise mark-making. Figurative and abstract elements compete for attention often becoming blurred in category.The effect is of playful investigation into the body and language and of poetic spaces within pictorial representation.


For ‘The Sailor’ Erbil creates a series of fabric sculptures that in his working processes reveal and conceal sculptural images in a type of excavation and re-working of symbols and stories. Using intricate pattern-making Erbil investigates the surface of textures within geometric abstraction and highlights the use of panels, seams and padding: The jacket has holes and is distressed. He would look great in a pencil skirt with sequins and red lipstick. He often flies, references the avant-garde. Often the fashion is inverted creating a new fashion brief. Drapes are beyond the imagination and above the head. Catwalking to give strength. The room is full of fabric that is imagined. From the central black circle, rhythmic dance patterns expand into the movement of the hands referencing and showing evidence of the performative circles. White canvas falls from the table like a freak-fall and breaking its spine and leaving the object unable to breathe.

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